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Friends Portraits&Gifts September 2003
Cassie's Meli
coolj001's Meli Again
From DarkAngel to Meli
disa's Meli
gres2000's many Melis
hsteel's Meli
Jim's Meli's Friends
Jim's Melis again
Jean-Marc Meli's Friends
Jean-Marc's "Meli Eros2"
Luc's Meli
mrtmm's Dark Meli (again)
woodcarver's Meli
Randy's homage
syndroid's Meli
Zargent's Meli

One more chapter of my friends' art and cuteness towards me and my works/and/or friends. Enjoy these pages and thanx to all those whom have created these masterful works.


This GIF animation is  courtesy of SNAKEY,
and it's based on two pics of mine.
Thank you man!

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